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Bridal Boutiques Love This Wholesaler, Here's Why

  • We have many happy clients across the globe; we are happy to reach out to so many people, and so many bridal boutiques. Here are some of the reasons why people prefer to work with us as a wholesale, factory direct wedding gown supplier.
  • High Quality Wedding Gowns at Affordable Prices
  • US Wholesale Bridal provides wedding gowns that directly come from the manufacturer. Because we are a factory direct wedding gown wholesaler, we have control over the entire manufacturing process and can offer reduced prices without having to compromise our gowns' quality. 
  • No Middlemen
  • Given that our supply chain is much shorter, you won't have to pay extra fees to middlemen. Most bridal boutiques have problems with cash flow due to increased costs from wedding gown wholesalers; Premium Bridal Factory is the ultimate solution to this problem. We genuinely believe that small business owners should thrive, and that they deserve affordable prices for their bridal boutique.
  • Fashionable Samples, Proven Track Record
  • Given that our production capabilities are very high and that we have a vast clientele, we are able to gather data about the most fashionable wedding gowns. We create our collections based on bestsellers that boost sales. Because you won't have dead inventory lying around in your shop, this will help you manage the dresses you carry in a much easier way.
  • Customization
  • We provide customization services if need be, to boutiques who are willing to create collections that are no like other, for further inquiries, please contact us.

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